• Jeffrey Burke

Work, Spend, Work, Spend, Spend...

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

There has been plenty of work going on with the FEMA remodel. Having been a small business owner for a few years now the slow times are always a bit worrisome, but if I have learned anything its that you have to keep working. Whether or not it’s a paying project at the moment keep designing, keep building and the paying jobs will come.  

Quote of the Week

“I like this going shopping and spending someone else’s money thing” – Cindy Riley.

As someone who has always been tight with money and never enjoyed spending it, I had to spend a lot of money to purchase materials for the FEMA this week. We made a trip to Dalton and Chattanooga to hit up the home improvement and building supply surplus stores. All in all, I got good deals on most everything I bought, and have spent a couple hundred dollars less than what I had budgeted for the materials.  

Living in carpet country has its benefits, the local habitat for humanity restores around here are loaded with like new flooring at a fraction of the new costs. I was able to find and buy all my flooring for less than half what I would have paid new. Some of the money I saved here had to be put into a new toilet unfortunately as I broke the one I was planning on using. I did also get good deals on a new kitchen faucet, new shower pan, PVC for the plumbing and studs for the new walls.

What WE got done.

I got some help in the shop this week from mom and bill, which is always nice. I was able to replace most of the damaged sub-floor in the front last week so we concentrated on the back end where the bathroom was and will be located. We went ahead and tore out all the old plumbing as it was just easier than trying to figure out how to reroute and reuse the old. We Had to replace the back sub-floor and back wall as well, so we basically are starting from scratch in the bathroom. Having the fixtures has helped visualize and to make a final decision on the layout and plumbing locations. I still need to purchase the tank-less hot water heater before the absolute final plumbing locations are decided.

I also got the one main window with the water damaged studs re-positioned and framed in place. I was also able to test out some finishes on the old rusted tin sheets I have laying around from various barn demo’s. Good news is I think I can make these water tight and reuse them worry free on my exterior walls. My next job is to find a way to get some sort of flashing above the window and connect the “new” rusty tin to the frame and around the wheel wells and window. 

There has definitely been some frustration along the way but this is getting to the good part. The part where you can start seeing the final product even if there is still a good bit of work and time before i get there.