• Jeffrey Burke

Remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

I am back, but truth be told I never left. As is usual my life and the furniture business has been hectic lately which I am sure will eventually turn to calm at the drop of a hat. I have not left the tiny house alone in the time since my last post, however. I have been taking many baby steps along the when time and energy permits. I have found that this tiny house experiment is a marathon and is most certainly not a sprint. Slow and steady may not be sexy, but it does create results.

Progress Report

Water damage: Finally done. All the plywood flooring was replaced as well as the rotten vertical members. The old white aluminum siding that had to be removed to repair the water damage has been replaced with “new” reclaimed tin roofing. ( at some point I will write a post on how I went about prepping these sheets for use)

Rough framing: I have roughed in the framing for 2 new walls that will separate the bathroom from the main space and the bedroom from the main space. I made a mistake and bought a pocket door hardware kit instead of a sliding door hardware. This worked out well as I will now be able to use both sides of the bathroom wall for shelves or whatever I want. I also roughed a new wall that will frame in the new shower stall.

Electrical: I have switched out all the old 12 volt incandescent lights with 12 volt LED light fixtures. With the help of Bill Riley, my resident electrician, we have the lights roughly in place and connected to toggle switches. The warmth and amount of light the LEDS put out is fantastic.

The next step in the process is to run all the plumbing lines. We brainstormed and have a game plan for the placement of all the lines, so all that is left to do is to buy the water heater and physically run the lines. It will be nice if i can get the walls closed up by Christmas, but who knows.