• Jeffrey Burke

I'm Back Baby

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First let me apologize for taking so long to write a blog post. I promised myself when I started this blog that I would never have long hiatus’s in posts, yet here we are. I could give you a number of reasons why I haven’t finished the tiny house/FEMA remodel or written any posts but I am not one to give excuses and you probably don’t want to hear them. All you need to know is that a couple of friends came into town a few weeks back and called me lazy for not having it done yet. I can handle being called a lot of things, Jackass, dipshit, asshole but lazy is where I draw the line. So, with the proverbial fire relit under my ass I have begun working on the project once again.

Although I have not posted in a while there has been some intermittent work done on the tiny house over these past few months. I am sure that I will leave some details out, but I will try my best to catch everyone up on the progress I’ve made.


Have all the supply water lines roughed in with PEX tubing. Having never worked with PEX pipe I had no idea what to expect. Turns out it is really easy. Measure, cut, place fitting and clamp is pretty much all there is to it. I have the ECCoTemp tankless water heater in place but still need to vent it out and run the propane gas line. I have also roughed in the waste plumbing lines. Again, same idea as working with the PEX. Measure, cut, place fittings and glue.  All seems well at this point but I have not pressure tested the systems yet. I will keep you posted on any leaks or drainage issues when I get to this point.

Exterior Walls

There were 3 sections of exterior wall that needed to be rebuilt due to water damage. The back of the tiny house, where the bathroom will be located is still a work in progress. The front is rebuilt, sealed and tested by spraying water on it and to my shock and amazement not a single drop of water made its way inside. One of the sides with the larger windows was also completely rebuilt.

I dropped and broke the original window and at close to $500 for a replacement I had to get creative. Long story short a storm window is about the same size as the window I broke and only cost $40, so storm window it is. It took some imaginative thinking but I believe I have found a way to install the window on the inside and keep it water tight as well as look good. But just like the plumbing I haven’t has a chance to leak test the back and side wall, but I will let you know how that goes when I do.


Since there is no plumbing and the rebuilt front wall is water tight I went ahead and began finishing the bedroom. First thing I had to do was remove all the old staples still in the studs from the old wall paneling, which if you are wondering is as tedious as it sounds. Once the staples were removed I then placed the new R-13 insulation between the studs, and cut new paneling to fit. (this is a simplification of the measuring and cutting process because if I have to relive the stress of figuring out the angle of the front wall I may just have a mental breakdown) Once the lower wall panels were in place and attached to the studs,  I began laying the floor.

I was a little nervous about laying the floor as I had never done it before and didn’t really want crooked floor lines. Turns out it is not that difficult and more tedious than anything. My knees still hurt and I have a couple of random bruises that I have no clue where they came from, but the floor is straight with a random pattern that looks good. I wanted to lay this floor first because the bed will conceal most of it and that way if it looked like crap I would be able to cover it and I have a better idea of how to do the floors in the rest of the house.

I think you are all now pretty well caught up. My plan is to work on it at night after I am done building the furniture pieces and hopefully on Saturdays or Sundays when the Green Bay Packers are not playing.