The Rusted Nail began reclaiming and crafting in the fall of 2010. What began in the family's modest shed has now grown into a  5,000-square foot, fully equipped wood working shop. 


Jeffrey Burke utilizes his architecture skills and craftsmanship to design and build each piece of custom furniture with the intent that it will provide a rich story to share and enjoy as a centerpiece in which it resides.

The Rusted Nail remains a family orientated business, learn a little more about us below.

The Family
Jeffrey Burke

Master-craftsman, barn deconstruction supervisor.
Bill Riley

Facility Maintenance and Repair.
Stephen Burke

Marketing Consultant.
Cindy Riley

Fire-starter and motivator.
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The Process
01. Reclaim
The Rusted Nail reclaims and salvages all lumber and material used in our pieces. This allows us to ensure the quality of every board utilized in our furniture.
02. Richness of History
Through this process we are also able to learn the history of each barn, thus giving a rich story to the wood and furniture.
03. Reuse
After the boards are reclaimed and returned to the shop each board is de-nailed, treated and stacked according to species and size.
04. Design
Once contacted The Rusted Nail will develop a design, draw it for the customer and carefully craft each piece.
05. The Finish
Maintaining a High quality in each piece is our priority to ensure the customer recieves a piece they will love for many years.
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